image1The Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) is a sculptors’ guild based in Austin, Texas, and was chartered in 1971 by the State of Texas as a non-profit organization. Objectives of the society include educating the public about sculpture and the many media of this art form, promoting the work of sculptors, and serving as a liaison between sculptors everywhere. Although Texas-based, membership is open to sculptors and sculpture lovers anywhere in the United States. A newsletter is published at least four times a year to inform Members of sculptors’ activities, sculpture events, and professional opportunities.

TSOS consists of over 100 members. Most are sculptors that work in a variety of mediums, including terra-cotta, bronze, stone, concrete, and mixed media. Styles range from classical to nonobjective. Other members are bronze casting foundries, students, art lovers, and other arts organizations.

TSOS sponsors at least two exhibits per year. TSOS also hosts Sculptfest at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum, an annual outdoor festival celebrating the wonders of sculpture every fall on Austin Museum Day (with FREE admission). At Sculptfest, sculptors exhibit their work and demonstrate their different media. It’s a great way to buy art–directly from the artist or from an art auction. It’s a hands-on celebration with a special area for children to

Board meetings are open to ALL members of TSOS. Meetings are frequently held at locations of sculptural interest and are followed by lunch at an area restaurant.

TSOS Board Members

President: Joe Kenney
Vice President: Chris Robbins
Secretary: David Guarino
Treasurer: Gary Winston

Other Board Members

Nancy Cardozier
Bob Coffee
Cindy Debold
Cari Cabaniss Eggert
Michael Epps
Tom Gingras
Clint Howard
Janette Keating
Mary K. Morse
Dar Richardson
Marla Ripperda
Vera Smiley

Directors at Large

Ho Baron (West Texas)
Gregory Beck (North Texas)
Terry Jones (East Texas)
Pat Moberley Moore (South Texas)
Monica Bugh (Student – Texas State University)

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