Harry Angel

  • Rip Tide
    Mesquite Wood
    24"h - 14"w

  • Tall and Natural
    Mesquite Wood
    36"h - 18"w

  • Tree DNA
    Mesquite Wood
    29"h - 9"w

  • Turbulance
    Mesquite Wood
    48"h - 16"w

About Harry Angel

Harry Angel, a wood carver/sculptor, was reared on a farm in the South-Central region of Pennsylvania Amish country, Harry Angel learned his woodworking skills in an area of the country where everything was handmade and built from scratch.  He began in relief carving over 30 years ago, having worked with a large variety of wood.  He fell in love with the beauty, character, and uniqueness of mesquite wood after moving to Texas.  Harry sculpts free-style with nothing being uniform nor symmetrical, much like the organic nature of the mesquite tree.  Working with chisels, grinders and drills, for his hand-carving and power carving, then sands each piece to 800 grit and finishes up with up to eight coats of Tung Oil and/or hand rubbed poly urethane.  Mesquite darkens to a rich reddish brown as it ages.