John Berry

  • Manx Buggane, entrapped.
    Medium: soft limestone
    Height: 9.5 inches

  • Yearning
    Medium: Mexican Buckeye wood
    Height: 6 inches

  • Hear all, say nowt
    Medium: Red Oak wood.
    Dimensions: 9 inches high by 6 inches diameter

About John Berry

I am a self-taught Austin sculptor in wood and stone.  I have been working with wood for almost two years, and have recently begun working with soft stone.  I try to use only found materials: old pieces of wooden molding, discarded two-by and four-by from my garage, oak from a backyard tree that died in the 2011 drought, prunings of Mexican buckeye, and rocks that I have been given or have found. For fifty years I was a geologist.  I was born and raised in the UK and am of Manx, Welsh and English heritage: this is reflected in the themes of my sculpture. My work also tends to have spiritual or moral overtones, and is often based on old Celtic or classical legends. I am joining TSOS in order to learn: I am low on knowledge and short of time!