Tom Bishop

  • Life Transforming
    Medium: Welded Steel and Driftwood / mounted on a stone base
    Size: 61″h x 33″w x 15″d
    Weight: 40#

  • CIR
    Medium: Welded Steel, Bronze and Copper / mounted on a Driftwood base
    Size: 55”h x 44″w x 34″d
    Weight: 250#

About Tom Bishop

Artist Statement: For years I have sculpted primarily using a welder, hammer and steel. Currently, I have been developing a series of works composed from dead trees cut down to build a dam several decades ago and stone from ancient ocean bottoms. These pieces are “found items” obtained from local area lakes and rivers in Central Texas. The materials I`m using were already in the process of being recycled by nature. So…in a weird way…I am interrupting that event to create this art. Yet; always knowing that down the road, Mother Nature will ultimately receive them back and finish the job she started. I must thank her for a good part of what you see. I will; however, take some credit for adding a little imagination and on occasion a touch of humor.
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    6412 Jennings Drive
    Austin, Texas 78727

  • Phone512-335-0264 (USA)