• Desert House Ranchos
    Constructed Aluminum from Virtual 3D Model
    30” x 22.5” x 3”

  • The Three Fates: Time, Destiny & Chance
    3D Prints in PETG, Hand Fnished in Resin & Lacquer
    Standing Figures 16” x 7” x 7”

  • The Exiles / Sloss Furnaces Museum, Birmingham, AL
    Fabricated Corten
    10 x 21 x 9 feet

About Buchen/Goodwin

Collaborating artists Tony Buchen and Jazzmean Goodwin currently work in virtual space creating sculpture as 3D models. Their physical pieces are achieved via numerous computer related technologies: from wire EDM to advanced 3D scanning and printing. They began their collaboration in Santa Fe, NM where they focused on fabricated metal sculpture; exhibiting small works with galleries in Santa Fe, Dallas, and Los Angeles, and executing several large-scale commissions. In 1990 they became artists-in-residence at Sloss Furnaces, an industrial museum in Birmingham, Alabama where they experimented extensively with the city’s exceptional CNC technology. During this ten year period at the Sloss museum they became increasingly aware of the possibilities for sculpture developed as virtual models. In 2000 the artists began living in Corsica, France. Surprisingly, on this “back-in-time” island they encountered an opportunity to experiment freely with 3D printing in its early stages. This period also marks the beginning of their new approach to the medium of sculpture itself. They began to explore their 3D models via the photography unique to virtual space, as stills and video. They currently work in Santa Fe as artists evolving their concept of virtual sculpture, and as consultants for the development of physical sculpture via contemporary technology.

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