J.P. Childress

About J.P. Childress

J.P. (Patrick) Childress is a Texas native and a graduate of the University of Texas.  After several decades in the manufacturing business, Childress relocated to the Texas Hill Country and began to immerse himself in art.  He has been under the tutelage of leading American artists including Carolyn Anderson, Michael Albrechtsen, Nancy Bush, David Caton, Jeff Legg and Duke Sundt.  He has exhibited his work in numerous galleries, including Artisans at Rocky Hills (Fredericksburg, TX); Gallery 605 (Boerne, TX); Cactus Jack’s (Gruene, TX); River’s Edge (Kerrville, TX) and the Japonica Gallery, (McComb, MS).  Childress has gained juried entry for his paintings and sculptures in the following galleries/exhibitions: Breckenridge Conservatory (Breckenridge, TX); L.A. Thompson (Clifton, TX); Gallery at Round Top (TX); Georgetown Library Sculpting Shown (Georgetown, TX) and the American Plains Artists Annual Exhibition and Show (Las Cruces, NM).  His works are in numerous private collections and public facilities.  Childress is a member of the Texas Society of Sculptors and the American Plains Artists organization and is a past member of the Oil Painters of America organization.

Artist’s Statement:  “I was fortunate to have a very good instructor in oil painting when I began in that medium some years ago.  He taught me the basics, instructing me to ‘paint what you see.’ Later, other master artists suggested that I expand my perspective, telling me to ‘paint what you feel.’  So, I like to think my oil painting is a good blend of realism, tempered by expressionism.

I find sculpting in clay an exhilarating challenge.  I’ll embark on a sculpting project only if a subject truly moves me toward a vision.  Once I complete the clay model, I rely on gifted artisans at a local foundry/studio to complete the limited edition piece in bronze.”