Chuck Eisemann

  • "Thought"
    Italian alabaster - created in 2010.

  • Honeycomb calcite – created in 2015.

  • “Love”
    Italian alabaster 2010

  • “Strength & Courage”
    Carrara Italian Marble 2012

  • “Strength & Courage”
    Carrara Italian Marble 2012

About Chuck Eisemann

Chuck is a fine art sculptor specializing in stone.  His expertise includes working with Italian Carrara marble from the Michelangelo quarry in Italy, Italian alabaster, Patagonian blue onyx, Persian pink onyx and honeycomb calcite.  While the works are abstract, many also have a human element.  Where possible, they use light to advantage in showcasing the theme as well as the stone.  He has a special attraction to stones with a transparent quality that enriches the image.

Chuck began his sculpture career in 2002 after his retirement from 26 years in management consulting.  His training includes studying at the Creative Arts Center, Dallas, under the supervision of well-known sculptor Art Wells.  His works are created primarily for his own pleasure and not with the objective of creating a sale.  Chuck’s most recent pieces have been presented to a well-known university for donation and are being included into the architectural plans of new facilities currently under construction.

He is a member of the International Sculpture Center in Washington D.C. as well as the Texas Society of Sculptors, the Texas Sculpture Association and the Texas Sculpture Group.

More pictures of his work are on his website.