Michael Fuller

  • “The Tree of Life”
    Stoneware with Iron oxide wash

  • “Holy Innocent”
    Terra Cotta with patina

  • “The Blessed Virgin Mary”
    Photogrammetric scan of sculpted wet clay tile
    3’x1 ½’

About Michael Fuller

Michael is an artist and sculptor who specializes in ceramics but is also an expert in digital 3D design.  Michael will take his hand sculpted pieces and scan them into digital 3D pieces that can be resized and duplicated via 3D printing.  Michael has a Bachelor’s of Art in Art from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX.  He has been employed as a 3D designer for some of the largest engineering companies in the world.  He likes to combine his traditional methods of sculpting with today’s technology.  By digitizing his artwork, architects and designers can incorporate the sculptures and sculptural murals into their design plans early on in a project and provide clients with a more realistic preview of what a finished design may look like.  Michael has a home studio furnished with a high fire production kiln and a mobile 3D workstation (laptop) that exceeds the specifications of the engineering companies he has worked for in the past.  His studio, “Formed From Clay” is located between Houston and Austin just outside the small town of New Ulm.