Jeff Jones

  • "Jenny"

    Bronze on granite base

    28 x 18 x 15 inches

  • "Raising a Ruckus"
Clay model for bronze casting
26 x 36 x 36 inches

  • "Freedom Demands Courage"
Bronze on walnut base

    30 x 29 x 17 inches

  • "Into the Fray"

    Clay model for bronze casting
28 x 13 x 17 inches

About Jeff Jones

I have spent much of my adult life working as an Aerospace Engineer. As that career sunsets, I am happily surrendering to my creative impulse to express myself through figurative sculpture.

I am self-taught, striving to learn and grow my skills every day. My philosophy is that each and every piece must be special and must have a unique personality. I strive to combine my technical background which demands accuracy and detail, with my artistic goal of generating an emotional response. The process of translating an image in my mind into the mechanical weight bearing structure and armature, and then transforming that harsh structure through the subtle curves and textures of molded clay and, finally, the patinas and shadows of a finished bronze provides immense fulfillment for me.

My romantic vision of the independent, determined men and women who braved the Western frontier of North America to make a new life for themselves and their families captivates me. Few of us in modern times can comprehend the grit and courage required to face the unknown in a wild and often unforgiving land. The thriving native civilizations that populated this continent for thousands of years before Europeans arrived also grip my imagination. I seek to honor and preserve their rich cultures as part of the American story.

 I enjoy depicting various types of wildlife, especially large powerful animals. The wonderful traits that each species has developed to survive in their unique environment fascinates me. The almost liquid movement of a horse’s muscles in full gallop and the relaxed confidence of the ibex perched on a hillside, embody the grace and grandeur of the natural world. The incredible power of grizzlies battling over territory is a fearful and inspiring spectacle. I seek to inspire awe and respect for these magnificent creatures.