Member Web Page Submission and Updating Guidelines

One of the benefits of membership in the Texas Society of Sculptors is having an individual member webpage that includes up to three images of your work and your contact information.  The TSOS website averages over 43,000 monthly visitors. 

Your personal page may have up to three images.  Your personal page will be linked from two alphabetic listings of members: (1) a mobile app friendly alphabetic list of members, and (2) a thumbnail image listing of members in alphabetic order.

Preparing Text Content for Your Web Page:

Google searching methodology looks for “text content” on pages that apply to common words used in searches.  To be recognized by Google, a webpage it is best to have a minimum of 50 words and have specific words in text related to the requested search. 

It is important to submit sentences containing words that people use to search for what you do, such as a “stone sculptor in Austin area.”  The text can be 50 to 400 words or more, and should describe your art, artist’s statement and biographical information. 

Preparing Images for Your Web Page:

  • Format digital images (.JPG) 
  • Resolution at 72 dpi (dots or pixels per inch);
  • Maximum dimension (height or width) of 1080 pixels.
  • View how images appear when enlarging/zooming on your monitor.

Submitting Text and Images:

Send the images and text content to our Webmaster:

  • Type in email Subj. line “TSOS Website”
  • Send a text content about yourself, your artwork, artist’s statement, etc. Your text content document can be attached to the email in word, text or pfd format, or just typed/pasted into the email (no hand written text).  Include your desired information to be on your personal page: email address, website, phone, personal social media links (Facebook, blog, etc.).
  • Attach your jpg images to the email.  Send up to three high quality digital images of your work.  Provide information about each image to be placed under images (title, medium, size, price, etc.).  Identify one picture be the thumbnail on the page listing members with personal pages.  If you do not have excellent images at this time, you can send text content for your personal page.