Texas Society of Sculptors – Request for Student Financial Aid

Texas Society of Sculptors (TSOS) assists central Texas area High School students in financial need to acquire sculpture supplies required to complete sculpture classes.  Financial need is defined as students who are participating in, qualified to participate or have in the past participated in a school sponsored meal program.

The application process is ongoing and can be submitted by teachers on behalf of students at any time throughout the school year.  Requests for Student Financial Aid are reviewed and approved quickly by a TSOS committee based on availability of funds. 

Approval of requests can generally be made within two weeks provided the request is to acquire supplies from one of two approved vendors in Austin, Jerry’s Artarama or Armadillo Clay and Supplies.

How to Acquire Sculpture Supplies for Students:

  1. Download and complete the Financial Aid Request Form, and submit to TSOS at student-aid@tsos.org by email.  Complete a separate request for each vendor.  From the vendors’ website, find and list on the Request Form detail information of items requested – Item#, Description, Unit Price, Quantity and Total Price.
  2. Upon approval by TSOS, purchase orders will be sent by email to the approved vendors selected by teachers for pick-up or shipping.  The teachers will receive a copy of the purchase orders that authorizes teachers (a) to pick-up supplies or (b) for the vendors to ship supplies, and for vendors to bill TSOS.
  3. Teachers will confirm receipt of supplies by sending  an email to TSOS at student-aid@tsos.org
  4. Approved vendor will bill TSOS and add any shipping costs to the invoice.  The approved vendors have TSOS Texas sale tax exemption information on-file and have generously extended discounts to purchases.  Teachers will have no out-of-pocket expenses or waiting for reimbursement. 

Approved Vendor Websites for detail information regarding requested supplies:

Armadillo Clay and Supplieswww.armadilloclay.com

Jerry’s Artarama of Austinwww.austin-jerrys.com

Supplies from Other Vendors:

TSOS can approve reimbursement to teachers for out-of-pocket expenses to purchase supplies not sold by or available by special order from one of the approved vendors.  A teacher must first submit a Financial Aid From which will be reviewed for approval.  Upon approval, the teacher will receive an email notification and instructions on how to file for reimbursement of pre-authorized purchases. 

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